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Just came over from DirecTV this past Wednesday. Later I'll post my experience with the Hopper/Joey system so far. But for now I have a question. I like to wake up to Sirius XM. With Direct (who has a different music provider) I could leave my HD DVR on all the time, on the station I wanted to and set my stereo system to come on in the morning: Thus music to wake up to!

But I've been told the Joeys will power down (or go into sleep mode) after 4 hours of non use. Is there a way to set them to come on automatically? I haven't found a way to do this.


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You can change the shutdown timeout time.

menu - settings - diagnostics - updates. Then pick the length you want for the inactivity shutdown.

Now, it will still automatically shutdown at 1 am for the nightly update. No way around that at this time.
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