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This summary was originally posted by MediaMills on the echostar newsgroup. Thanks Paul!

Since TNGTony didn't catch the show, I thought I'd step up...

Welcome Charlie and Jim...

New programming
New receiver coming - 721
Giveaways and Questions

National Geographic Channel was the #1 requested channel. It's joining AT150 on July 12th at channel 186

Fox Sports Net West 2 will be available later this summer to in-market subscribers of AT100 in the following zip-codes: 900-918 and 922-935 (subject to blackouts and availability)

Fox retransmission agreement was reached. All major networks have retransmission agreements now for several years.

Locals that were added:
Oklahoma City, OK (up july 2nd)
Burlington, VT (up july 24th)
Tucson, AZ (up july 31st but missing NBC so it's $4.99) NBC wanted to charge Dish "too much" to carry it
Tulsa, OK (up july 31st)
We can do more locals after the merger!

Introducing "Channel Mapping" which allows OpenTV receivers to have their local channels mapped to their actual channel numbers. ONLY OpenTV receivers can do this! All OpenTV downloads should be done by the end of July. Channels will remain in the 8000 block as well.

Let's talk HDTV! DiscoveryHD Theater up June 18th. Free preview until August 1st on channel 9443 on the 61.5 satellite. DiscoveryHD programming is compiled from all of the Discovery channels which is why it isn't free. It will be $7.99/month or $95.88/year. Enhanced HD version coming on 9420 on 61.5 but your 6000 must be upgraded with a new module. If you pay for a year of DiscoveryHD you get the adapter free. If you don't, then the adapter is $49?!? Charlie thinks it's $99...oops!

Well, maybe it's a promotion. Well, OK, $49 until August 1st then the price goes up.

HD lineup: 61.5 148
Sho-HD 9430 9430
HBO-HD 9440 9440
HDPPV 9428 9428
HD DEMO 9443 n/a
CBS EAST-HD 9453 n/a
CBS West-HD n/a 9454

DiscoveryHD and the HD Demo will share the same channel for a while. 6p-6a for DiscoveryHD and 6a-6p for HD Demo Channel. DiscoveryHD is NOT on 148 yet. It will be available in August but only in the enhanced HD format. Tune in to the Tech Chat next month for more info.

They try to run an AT150 promo and run a Bloomberg promo instead. Bloomberg is in the AT150. They're giving away a trip for two to New York City which includes airfare, 3 nights stay, limo tour, a Broadway show and a tour of Bloomberg's joint. If you're currently an AT150 subscriber, you're automatically entered. If not and you upgrade to AT150 between 6/25 and 7/31 you are entered. Call dish at 1-800-333-DISH to upgrade/enter.

Encore fanatics spotlight. Short video on the specialty Encore networks (Action, Westerns, Mystery, WAM, Love Stories, True Stories) Over 500 movies a month. BAM!!

Talk about Echostar 8. 2 hours prior to launch, they confirmed a
problem with the satellite. It was taken off the rocket and de-fueled so that it could be checked out. They're not sure of a new launch date. "We have to get back in line for a new launch date." Launch delay won't effect current operations.

Question time!
email: Oscar - When will DiscoveryHD be available to west coasters on the 148 satellite?
Charlie - Available in august in the enhanced version (you'll need the new module)

emil: no name - Does Dish Network plan to offer HDNet?
Charlie - We'd like to and we're in discussions with HDNet however we need capacity to be able to do it. That will come with the merger. Contractually we can't offer it until next year and hopefully the merger will be done by then.

email: Brad - Will Dish Network add NBA-TV?
Charlie - Do you mean NBA League Pass? We're in negotiations. NBA is thinking about starting their own channel. We're in talks to carry that if it starts. Check the September Charlie Chat for more details.

Caller: Beverly - When will the Jacksonville locals be available?
Charlie - Jacksonville will be on Echostar 8, when it launches.

email: Hugh - I want more HD programming.
Charlie - Well, people need to produce more HD programming and we need capacity. An HD channel takes up the space of 6 regular channels. when we merge with Hughes, we'll have more capacity for more HDTV channels and high speed internet access. Note that the only pay HD channel on Dish Network now is DiscoveryHD. If you have HBO, HBO-HD is free. Same for Showtime. You must have the model 6000 to view HDTV programming.

Let's talk about the 721.
Video on the 721-- (a better overview can be found at
http://www.dbstalk.com) :D MUCH more detail on the tech chat next month but price is $599 for a complete system or $549 for just the receiver. The price is less than it costs to make the product (really?).

721 FAQ:
Q: Will the picture-in-picture function work on a tv without
A: YES--the picture-in-picture function is inside the receiver itself so it'll work on any TV.
Q: Since DishPVR 721 has two tuners, are there two smart cards or an "additional outlet" fee?
A: There is only one smart card and there is no additional outlet fee for the second tuner.

MAJOR BLUNDER TIME: Charlie says that the 721 can output two different channels at the same time. Engineering staff sh*ts and so does Jim! "This product won't do that. We have another product coming out soon that can do that, but not this one. You can watch it on two different TVs, but it's the same channel on both TVs." Charlie: "Can you watch live TV one place and recorded TV another place at the same time?" Engineering staff sh*ts again! Jan Johnson, Product Marketing Manager sets them straight.

They're giving away a 721! Be the first caller to correctly identify
the size of the hard drive in the 721. Charlie: "Is that in Gigahertz? gigabits? no, gigabytes!"

More questions.
email: Scott - Could you please elaborate on the new service called Dish Home, and how it is different from WebTV?
Jan Johnson - Dish Home feature that is being added to the newer OpenTV receivers is a one stop location for accessing all of the new interactive features like weather, sports applications, entertainment applications. Charlie - "more information at the tech chat"

email: Carlos - Does the 721 deliver HDTV programming?
Charlie - No, it does not. The only model we have that can deliver HDTV programming is the Model 6000

email: no name - Will satellite internet prices become more reasonable after the merger?
Charlie - Yes. Satellite internet is a huge investment. The merger
would split up the development costs and they can agree on a standard so that hardware can be mass produced and cheaper. charlie appeals to the rural folk with national pricing plan talk.

Do you want to comment on the merger? Go to
http://www.echostarmerger.com. Your congressman is waiting to hear from you!

Lets look at Showtime. A free preview on July 28th from 6am to 10pm ET/PT called Showtime All-Ages Movie Marathon. We have a Showtime giveaway. A Weber tabletop grill filled with marinades, spices, etc. The question - What two Dish channels will be showcasing the showtime All-Ages Movie Marathon?

Winner of the 721 is Steven Balinet from Michigan. The answer-120 Gigabyte hard drive. "That's over 100 hours of recording... WOW!!!"

caller: Mr. Pepperford - Does Dish Network have any plans to add west coast feeds of other channels, like USA or TNN?
Charlie - In general, no because most channels don't have west coast feeds. Suggest you use a pvr to time shift your programming.(little PVR plug there) The only west coast feed we don't have is Univision...we can check on that.

email: Michael - Has Dish Network considered making the French station TV5 available on the 148 satellite?
Charlie - I don't know. We will let you know.

email: Chuck - Will HD programming ever be available on 110 or 119 with a single dish?
Charlie - With the merger, yes. With the merger we could have a dish that could see 101, 110 and 119 satellites and we could conceivably move programming off of 61.5 and 148

Winner of the Weber tabletop cooker - Jack Nasel of Seattle, WA. The answer-318 or 319

email: David Sands - When do we expect to launch Echostar 8?
Charlie - We don't know. First we have to get the satellite checked out (within the next week) then we have to get a new launch date so it may be 4-5 weeks.

Next month is the Tech Forum. But before then college football starts, so ESPN Gameplan Early Bird Package is $89 before August 31st. After that it's $99 or buy it by the weekend at $14/Saturday. There are 9-13 games every weekend.

Nascar has a new home on TNT. TNT will rebroadcast races on Monday nights, including NBC races.

caller: James - The merger sounds really great, but the merger date keeps being pushed back. When can we expect it to happen? Charlie - We don't know, hopefully soon but it takes time for the regulators to decide whether or not this merger is good or bad for consumers. We need approvals from the Justice Department (anti-trust) and FCC (best interest for the consumer).

We have an answer on Michael's question on TV5 at 148...it is starting July 10th!

email: no name - Can you explain in more detail what the enhanced HD module does? will I need this module to enjoy all HD programming? Charlie - It allows us to pick up more bits so that we can get more HD channels on the satellites. All NEW HD channels will be in enhanced HD and will require the module.

email: Lou - Will Dish Network ever offer BET on Jazz?
Charlie - I don't know. Right now we don't have the capacity to do it. If we get enough calls from customers we could add it in the future. We're always looking for new programming.

We're running out of time...
The Tech Forum is Monday, August 12th at 9pm ET on channel 101
The next Charlie Chat is Monday, September 9th at 9pm ET on channel 101

Thanks for joining us!

Whew! Fingers are tired!

MediaMills (Paul)

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I missed the CC. Thanks to Paul and Josh for stepping up.

Back to you, Tony...
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