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Ok, installed on Dec 1, and I was ready to send this thing back a few times. Still not real sure about it, but am hopeful now that I find this forum and realize how many updates D has done. I guess that is both good and bad news. My first release is hex FA, so no experience prior to that.

I had real problems with the pause button, it would pause, but you could not resume. I also tried to view a program that was recorded and all it wouid do is ask me if I wanted to delete it. Getting off to a great start!

I think there were a few other problems, some of which were genuine cockpit errors which I found out after a 30 min talk with a gal in HD DVR Support. She had me restart everything, whcih wiped out what few recordings I had etc. All seemed ok then, but 4 hours later, the pause/resume problem returned. So I did a red button reset and since then (that was Friday) this problem has not returned.

One thing I have had happen consitiently is in the morning, when I first turn the tv on. No video, no audio. Yet I can push the info button on the remote and it shows me the banner, with the input and channel that is tuned, just no video or audio. I leave the box on all night. I think what I do to fix it is to change the channels, then its ok. I have read much on this forum and don't think I have seen that specific problem, similar, but nothing like this, where it still shows the banner.

Does it go to sleep overnight? :confused: Should I put it in standby mode instead of leaving it on? Now that I know you can turn it "off" withou affecting operation, I wonder if I shoud do that. Its a minor thing compared to some of the nightmares I have read here, but I honestly have to say I do not have a great feeling about this tuner, and its the first time in some 3 years of being with DirecTV that I have had my confidence in them shaken. It would seem their programmers are not really on top of this, and/or it was released way too early.

And I am totally ASTONISHED that it does not have dual buffering!!! That is ludicrous and whoever made that decision on the design team probably needs a good psychiatrist.

It leaves much to be desired in some features compared to my Tivo that I replaced. No dual buffering is hard to beleive. I have tried that work around with recording two programs etc in the survivors guide, but it does not work. One of the channels will resume where you paused it when you hit Previous, but the other channel does not. It goes to the live point, so there's that idea down the tubes, for me anyway.

That being said, it also has some features tivo does not which I like, one of which is actually knowing how much disk space you have remaining.

Anyway thats my two cents introdudction. Thought I'd say hello and whine a bit. :lol: I really appreciate this forum, its super!

I think I have some other problems, but am more or less happy, so far. Just a little shaky and uncertain. It does deliver a great HD picture for me.

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hasan said:
Welcome to the forum!

Dual Buffers is the #1 request of the current user base and it is being considered by D*. At this point, I'd be patient while other more significant issues are being worked out.

There is a potential work-around...read the "Unofficial Tips and Tricks" thread.

There is an update coming out "real soon now" that may help you with some of your quirks and add some features (OTA).

Stick with the HR20...it has great potential and it is being actively worked on. Don't lose sight of your red reset button.

Your video/audio issues need further exploration so that we might be able to help you. It could be a setup issue. If you are trying to get audio and video from the HDMI connection, your TV might be one of the few that have compatibility issues and they are working on those. You need to post your type of TV.

Also, you may be trying to send video to your TV from the HR20 in a mode your TV doesn't support. Try this:

Menu > Help & Settings > Setup > Display

Turn Native mode OFF

go into TV Type and cursor up and over to TV Resolutions. Select only 720P and 1080i.

Now, from the front panel, select the resolution that best matches the native resolution of your display. Chances are your native display is one of the following 3:


If your TV's native display is 720P, then use the Res button on the front panel to set your HR20 to output 720P. If your TV's native display is 1080i or 1080P, then set the HR20 to 1080i (again from the front panel of the HR20.)

See if this allows you to get both video and audio on the TV from the HR20 via the HDMI cable. If it doesn't, try cycling the front panel display res and see if it comes back then.

If the handshaking (HDMI) between the HR20 and your TV is not being done properly, you will definitely have video problems and may have audio, but I'm not sure about the audio part.

If HDMI doesn't work under any circumstances, go to the sticky thread at the top of the Forum and put a message in which indicates what kind of TV and model you have and what your symptoms are. D* monitors (and receives reports from) this particuar thread.

Now...if HDMI doesn't work, then connect your video from the HR20 with Component component cables and run your audio either with optical to your receiver (if you have one), or use the optical in on your tv (if you have one), or run the stereo audio outputs from the HR20 to your TV (for a temp solution).

Let us know how you make out.
Hasan, thanks for your detailed reply. I appreciate it. My gut feel is that in time this will be a good box with the software upgrades and gald to hear that Dual Buffering is a priority among other freakos. :hurah: I just assumed it would have that, cannot even imagine a dual input anything that you cannot toggle between the inputs. Its hard to believe they can add this with software upgrades however. But I hope so.

Yes *I should have put my tv in the post. I have one that I don't think many people do, not sure. Its an RCA Scenium 50inch, bought it about 15months ago I would say, for $2200 on a website, had to grab it at that price. It has a great picture I must say. Had tohave the lamp unit replaced twice in first couple months, but now all has been fine for a year.

It oddly enuf does not do 720p, at least on the HR20. It wigs out totally when I try 720 and it also wigs out on 480i, which is really weird It hink! Isn't that what everything in SD is? Yet it does do 480p

I have native mode off, and the only two resoltuions that pass when I do the tick box and "click info if it works", are 480p and 1080i This seems peculiar to me. I also notice that the 1080 led is the only one that is ever on! Even watching SD shows, the 1080led stays lit. Have never seen it change. And everytime I hit the info button on my tv (not the HR, but my tv) it says its 1080i, no matter what I am watching! Beats me!

I have HDMI to DVI-D via a converter cable on input 5, and on input 3 have component. I have yet to see any signficiant difference in the HDMI and due to problems I read on this site, will stick with the component henceforth. It was on hdmi this morning when I had the no video, no aduio, but did have channel banner. Let me clarify, 95% of the time all is working fine on both outputs, the only problem is in the morning when I first tiurn the tv on. Otherwise video and audio are fine.

I tried that work around for dual buffereing but it doesn't work for me. One of the shows will be at the pause mark (though not paused) when I hit Previous, the other show goes to the live point, totally ignores the pause. Neither one is paused when I toggle, but at least one of them auto resumes where I paused, the other auto resumes at the current live point of the broadcast. So that idea is a no workie for me sadly. Thanks.
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