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Just got the 4 months Premier Package and NFL Ticket

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This was my last time I was going to call and try and get the four months with the NFL ticket. This was my fourth attempt to try an persuade a CSR to give me that package,(I have been with D* since june 9) I didnt even have to persuade her, all I did was ask for it, she had me on hold for 2 min, came back and not only did she give me the package she also gave me the superfan for free and 6 free months of the HD extra pack! Tonia D* CSR where ever you are :love1: I LOVE YOU!!!!!:joy: :icon_hug: :goodjob: :dance:
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I got that last year. Some advice thought,don't ask for too much. If you keep calling asking for deals over and over they may put you on the black list. Congrats on the great deal its the best they offer.:)
I received a similar deal as yours, but they told me it was a "Mover's Special" (I am moving next month)
Free Premier for the next 4 months with ST w/ SF for $75/month
However, I was not offered the HD Extra pack for free, like you were
I am already receiving $25 in monthly credits, so I'm pretty happy for now
I just received my bill and it was only $76!!!
It's usually close to $120
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