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Just checked my email and received the following email from the folks at MOXI. It is good to see that MOXI IS ALIVE AND WELL.

Here is the letter
Moxi Digital is proud to announce that we're joining forces with Digeo
to become the industry's strongest provider of media center platforms
and services. Since the successful introduction of the Moxi Media
Center(tm) in January, we've been focused on bringing our vision to
the market. This merger is a move that allows us to enhance the
consumer home entertainment experience more than we had previously

Under the visionary leadership of Paul Allen, chairman of the board,
and with an additional round of financing from Vulcan, Inc., the coming
months are sure to be exciting. Jim Billmaier, the current CEO of
Digeo, will be CEO of the merged company. We will quickly integrate
our products and technologies into a single, unified solution, taking
full advantage of the combined strengths to make big strides in the
digital home entertainment industry.

"This merger will let us deliver a family of media center platforms
more rapidly," said Paul Allen. "Besides having the power of a PC,
these media centers are incredibly easy-to-use and can also run many
exciting new applications."

The way we see it, the merger creates a win-win situation for
consumers and broadband operators alike. Here are just a few key
reasons why:
* a unified product vision combined with real market traction
* respective technology strengths that will accelerate the
delivery of advanced entertainment services to the home
* an even stronger network of partnerships with leading providers

To read more about the merger of Moxi and Digeo, check out our press
release at www.moxi.com/newsroom.

Thanks again for your interest in our company! We'll keep you posted
on our achievements in the months ahead.
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