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Just saw an ad for Dish $25 HD only package.......

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Just opened my newest issue of Sound and Vision and there is an ad for a $24.99 HD only package.

Is this something D* will have or has discussed, etc???

Forgive me if this has been discussed but I have been through several pages of thread and my eyeballs are starting to hurt.

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I had it, after all is said and done it costs about $50/mo.

That being said, I like my $80 D* bill because I get better PQ, plus Dish is still missing some key channels like FXHD.
What made it $50? Also, are you saying you had Dish correct?
996911 said:
What made it $50? Also, are you saying you had Dish correct?
Bigger than they ONLY HD service was the advertising of 1080p VOD. Of course I don't have a 1080p TV so I really don't care.
The $25 package is about two dozen channels. If you want everything HD Dish has, you have to go to a $40 package then add a extra layer for $10 more and add $5 for locals. So, you can go from $25 to $55 in a heartbeat.

I just don't understand the HD only packages. The only way I would see them as being of any value at all is if you have another provider for non-HD stuff or you jsut don't watch much TV (then why do you have a dish?). We are no where near where SD is still not a major player. For example, I have 150 channels (including MLB EI right now) in my HD favorites but 344 in my overall favorites. That is still over twice the channels if you include SD channels. And, I have access to 731 channels.
996911 said:
What made it $50? Also, are you saying you had Dish correct?
Yeah, Ive had D* since mid 07 and then switched for a couple of months to try it out.

Mine cost $48 all said and done. That included locals and the $5 lack of telephone fee.
What would make it $50 is DVR fees, multiple HD-DVR/HD receiver needs, and if you want the HD RSN (not included in the $25 package). Plus you have to pay for local HD (another $5 bucks). It is also tiered. All the good stuff in my opinion would be with HD Turbo Gold plus the Platnum HD pack. Right there you are paying $50 with no local HD. Basically you get 46 HD channels (I have never counted HD PPV or VOD) for $50 with again no locals. I pay about $90 for my Starz package with HD-DVR service (oh by the way that $50 does not include DVR or additional receiver fees). I have a couple of standard def tvs so the additional 100 channels I get that are not HD work for those tvs along with my HDTV. Overall it is the wave of the future but it will not be standard practice in the industry for a good 5 to 10 years. There are too many standard def tvs still out there.
I think those HD only packs are worthless frankly. You're easily at $55-60 bucks to get even a decent package and at that point for less then $15 gets you DirecTV's Choice Xtra HD DVR package and get hundreds of SD channels and *more* HD channels for crying out loud. There are still some SD channels that are not in HD that we watch and they won't be in HD anytime soon.

I guess if the Dish HD packages actually have all the channels you want and there isn't a single SD channel that matters to you then go for it. Otherwise DirecTV is still a greater value for HD.
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