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I know I’ve infested this section with so much stuff. But, I promise this will be appealing to some. I have for you a KVH TRACVISION TV5, a beast when it comes to boat satellite TV since it has a huge reflector and crazy tracking technology. I am not completely familiar with the services it receives, but I know it IS a wide range.

AS FAR AS FUNCTIONALITY, IT SHOULD WORK (ACCORDING TO THE PREVIOUS OWNER I BOUGHT IT FROM) however I was not able to test it because 1) I don’t own a boat and 2) I have no clue how this thing works lol!

Included are two respective power cables which I assume are for power.
On top of being untested, this IS MISSING THE TOP COVER AND IS JUST THE SHELL! While it still works like this, you SHOULD HAVE A SHELL FOR IT TO WORK PROPERLY. I know the shells are sold separately for around $500. The unit itself retails for around $2,000 so I am open to offers.

I am open to shipping as long as the respective buyer sends a prepaid label. UPS, USPS, or FedEx is fine. This thing weighs around 40 - 50 pounds so shipping is a lot!

Otherwise, pickup near Bergen County, NJ.


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Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up. I certainly don’t know a whole lot about the unit.
The shell runs for around $500 on eBay so that must be purchased by the respective buyer in order to work.
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