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jboole said:

I couldn't find an answer to my question on this site, but I apologize if this question has already been answered.

I am currently a Dish subscriber but am thinking about switching to Directv.
Right now I have a dish set up in the L.A. area and a dish set up in Paso Robles because in my work I travel between the two addresses. When I go to one address or the other, I take my box with me (to avoid being charged fees for two boxes). What I've discovered is that I can get the L.A. locals in Paso Robles in sd but not in hd. My question is this: if I switch to Directv will the same situation apply, or will I get no L.A. locals, L.A. locals in sd, or L.A. locals in hd and sd (when viewing in Paso Robles)?

Thanks in advance
Its a little hard to say precisely, but from the published signal strengths of the satellite footprints, you should be able to receive SD and HD channels in both locations. I know that you can receive the "big four" networks chs. 2,4,7,and 11 in both locations since they are actually on CONUS (or "National") beams from DIRECTV 11 at 99W.

Anyway you can evaluate the expected satellite levels for all the other L.A. local channels from here;

If the power levels fall between 40-60 dBW I think you should be good to go. Although someone with more knowledge on the minimally acceptable levels for the Slimline dish may correct me on this. :)

HD local channels 9, 13, 28, 34, 50, and 58-2 (MPEG-4 local actually) are on DIRECTV 10 or 12 at 103W spotbeam "A1BB" shown here;


Local HD chs. 5 and 56 on the same bird are on what's technically called the "San Diego" spotbeam "A4BB" here;


SD locals excepting the big four which are on CONUS beams as well, are on DIRECTV 9S spotbeam "BB11" shown here;


And DIRECTV 4S which was a little harder to locate, but not interactively is beam "TS11" illustrated here;


Which SD satellite carries which SD channel is not known.
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