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I couldn't find an answer to my question on this site, but I apologize if this question has already been answered.

I am currently a Dish subscriber but am thinking about switching to Directv.
Right now I have a dish set up in the L.A. area and a dish set up in Paso Robles because in my work I travel between the two addresses. When I go to one address or the other, I take my box with me (to avoid being charged fees for two boxes). What I've discovered is that I can get the L.A. locals in Paso Robles in sd but not in hd. My question is this: if I switch to Directv will the same situation apply, or will I get no L.A. locals, L.A. locals in sd, or L.A. locals in hd and sd (when viewing in Paso Robles)?

Thanks in advance
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