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Las Vegas ABC Affiliate

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For the past week or so, our local ABC affiliate has not been broadcasting in HD and stated they were "working on the problem".

Seems the problem is the new Project City Center...cranes, etc. are blocking the signal from their studios to their transmitter.

This was posted on the AVS Las Vegas forum:

A new crane erected at the City Center project blocks KTNV's studio to transmitter signal path for their HD feed. They say they are working on getting the crane moved. I wonder what they plan to do when the building is up? Are they going to try to move that? In any case don't plan on seeing any OTA HD from them for a long time. Stretch-O Vision is back! Directv has been authorizing ch. 397 KABC-HD during prime time only.
I haven't been home at night to see if the last sentence is true or not.

FYI: For those not familiar with City Center.
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sounds like a job for oceans 11....12....13....whatever # they are on now.
Sounds like someone didn't see that coming...
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