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Feel free to contribute....

From the home office someplace in Iowa, we present.....

The Least Popular Video Rentals In Texas (at the moment)

Singin' In The Rain - At the moment, if someone is found outside singing while it's raining, they're liable to be shot!

The Poseidon Adventure - The flooding is turning the lives of many families upside down.

Irwin Allen's Flood - Heck, who needs the movie when you're living the real thing.

A River Runs Through It - Well, usually, it's a small creek that runs through town, but at the moment, it might as well be the Colorado River.

Waterworld - The new name of a town which usually receives very little rain.

Lifeboat - No thanks, Alfred, we've got plenty of those. Besides, it sounds a bit dinghy.

Blue Lagoon - What that occassional house located on a high spot is surrounded by.

Lake Placid - But, seriously folks, if that dam breaks, it's going to be a real horror. What is it-a possible 60 foot wall of water?

The Beach - Bring out the sun, some folks may actually enjoy beach front property for a while.

Boggy Creek II: The Legend Continues - Of course, if it heats up, it's going to be more humid than Florida swamp land. I hate to see the size of the mosquitos.

Cast Away - With some families seperated, some may endure this feeling. Thank goodness for the efforts of your local Red Cross.

Any more Mel Brooks wannabes want to contribute to the list?

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Clever - can't think of any at the moment
cuz my brain is waterlogged. I'll have to
get back to you.

Somewhere over the Rainbow - cuz there has to be a light at the end of the channel

Moon River - what many Texans must feel like doing.

Oh, you said movies -- my bad. :confused:

Nickster :smoking:
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