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It’s been a ride….We have had a DBS Dish in some form or another since 1997. First a Dish 5000, Then a Dishplayer that we upgraded along with everyone else on DBSDish (Remember Dan Collins!) to a whopping 35 hours. When the flakey dishplayer lost the season finale of NYPD Blue We dumped dish and got DirecTV with TiVo. We Switched back to dish when people on the forums reported the VIP722 seemed mostly stable and we got our first HDTV, around 2007, then several hopper DVR’s after that.

Who Cares? Most probably don’t. This wasn’t an easy decision. We had a pretty good deal over the last few years with dish essentials plus locals. Our dish had to be moved several times due to neighbors trees interfering with our signal but they accommodated that. I used to DIY but the final mounting place was near the top of our barn roof to get eastern arc satellites and I’m not as young as I once was.

Probably 75% of what we watch is on local TV. I had played with the Hopper OTA tuner with mixed results but took a leap when I got a deal with the FireTV Recast. This 150 hour OTA DVR lets you put it anywhere in the house and simply connects via WI-FI. I hooked it up with a leaf style antenna upstairs and get all of our locals crystal clear. With that out of the way I decided to sign up for a You Tube TV trial. I am very impressed so far. I get many more channels for about $6 less than I was paying with my latest 24 month deal. Based on past experience our Dish bill would have gone up even more. Unlimited cloud DVR has changed how I think about TV. For instance instead of just recording the my favorite NFL team every week I record ALL of the NFL. I recently searched for the episode of Law and order SVU than Robin Willams was on and found out it is already on my DVR!

Maybe this wont be a long term solution but the beautiful part is that I have zero invested in YTTV and less than $200 in the recast which will pay for itself in about 2 months.

Strangely the Dish CSR didn’t offer me much when I called to cancel. I was on month 23 of 24 and decided to just eat the extra $10 for early termination. After I told him about the solution I had in place we talked football while he went through the process of terminating my account.

Thanks for reading. And thanks, Chris and James for hosting these forums It is nice to chat occasionally with like minded folks. I’ll lurk for a bit and maybe check out the streaming forums.
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