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Life - OAD 9/29/08

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Haven't seen any threads RE: this show. Am I alone in thinking the Damien Lewis "Charlie Crews" role is one of the more enjoyable characters we've seen in a long time? /steve
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Nope, I am with you on that one. I really like the show. I couldn't wait for it to start back up again with season 2.

And we get heavy doses of it for a while, because looking at the upcoming episodes last night in the SL, it looks like all new this Friday, next Monday and then Next Friday.
This is the one show of last year's new shows that is a must in our household. And this first episode of the new season did not let us down. It neatly headed towards tying up loose ends, added a new character, and had an episode plot with a well-acted psychotic character played by
Noel Fisher, a really good young actor who is one of the costars of The Riches and plays the troubled young evil doer in many episodes of other shows.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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