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Lil Help Please...

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Hello to all long time lingerer first post. Here is my question i singed up for direct tv in April 08 and love it to a point. I do not think the HD quality is as good as Charter,picture not as clear and about once a day i have to do a RBR. I will turn to a HD channel and boom it will say searching for sat#771, reset it and it works just fine, thats annoying. Also my remote try's to enter things twice (hit channel 5 and 55 goes up on the screen). All of those little things you guys can help me with now on to my big problem....

When i singed up in April they where running a promo 3 months free of the movie channels and 18 a month off my bill for 1 year........ Well i got our last bill and had forgot to cancel the movies so it was a big bill, no prob just forgot to cancel the movies and had to pay then my wife says where is the 18 dollar credit. I looked and looked and there was no 18$ credit so i called D tv. I canceled the movie package and asked about the 18$ credit and was told I had to go online and fill out a rebate form( really,come on WTF). So i asked where to go and was told i had only 45 days to fill out a rebate form online that i was told nothing about. So i am out 18 dollars a month for 12 months thats alot of cheddar 216 to be exact.

So from a nube to the seniors please help with some kind words on what to do.
Thank You again from the HASH..!!..
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They should have explained when you signed up that the first months bill would be full price and you had to apply for an online rebate to get the 18$ off. Obviously they didn't or it got missed in all the details. I'm not sure what can be done but you might try emailing Ellen Filipiak, Sr. VP of Customer Care. at [email protected] assuming you've tried the obvious of calling in and not gotten anywhere with standard reps.

As far as the 771 searching for sat error messages probably the first thing to do is check your signal level on 103c and see what those look like. If your dish wasn't well aligned it could definitely cause some issues.

For the remote are you using the original DirecTV remote or an universal remote? If you are using the DirecTV remote is it still in IR more or RF mode?
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You probably aren't going to have much luck getting the expired offer. You can keep trying Directv support, you might find a rep who can get you a deal on something.

Whenever you signed up for service you should have been told about the $18 a month offer's expiration date. I was told when I signed up, so I was prepared to do the rebate offer sign-up.
Thanks guys for the help> I pay the 5.99 a month for the service i will just call up and have someone come out and look @ my 103c. Also thank you for the email addy will use to my benefit. Finally the remote is in IR can i get this replaced from Dtv.

Again this place is great and thanks for all the help.

Just a update i did email Ellen Filipiak @ direct tv and received a call back 2 hours after i placed the email. A gentleman named Brett called me and he apologized for the situation and said that instead of the 18.00 dollar credit for 12 months he just gave me a 216.00 dollar credit on my account.

To me this is going above and beyond in customer service. Usually all you here is the negative so i would just like to say a public THANK YOU to Direct TV from me.
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