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I am going crazy over this. Our LILs just suck lately - pixellation and severe dropouts. We don't see any of this going on with the premium chwannels (e.g., 501,502,etc.)

Can someone tell me for certain which Satellite carries the LIL's and a map of what local channels are carried on which transponder??? I'm in the SF Bay Area.

Thanks in advance...

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cody21 said:
That PDF doesn't show the LIL's .... thanks though..

What I'm looking for is the specific Satellite & Transponder mappings for the LILs.
If you mean the HD LILs, there isn't a list. DirecTV changes it regularly anyway. last I noted, SFO HD locals were on a couple of the higher-numbered transponders on 103s (103a for a receiver) which means they are from DirecTV10 - the same satellite that transmits the HD conus transponders you see on the 103c/b signal strength screen.
Because the LILs come from the same slot (and often the same satellite) as the CONUS signals, if you get good alignment and strong signals on the CONUS beams then you will have them on the spotbeams also. That means if you have strong signals (80s and 90s) on 99c and 103c (99a and 103b for a receiver) then your HD LILs will have strong signals also, and your pixelation problems are not alignment-related.
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