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Lindows backs away from supporting windows applications...

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Looks like Lindows, the Linux OS that claimed to run windows applications is no longer going to try and make Microsoft Windows software run on their OS.
In the past few days, Lindows.com has again changed the Windows compatibility claims on its site. The sections of the site describing the operating system now say that the software can "run a select set of 'bridge' Windows-compatible programs" in order to "help users migrate to the new world".
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Not a bit surprising. Making Windows apps run on Linux, without having the Windows source code at least, would have been nearly impossible!
WINE is not capable of running the majority of applications. Wine Is Not an Emulator (that's what it means - WINE is a self-inclusive acronym). It is simply a "wrapper" to convert common Windows APIs, etc to Linux equivilents. Kinda like what DirectX or OpenGL does with 3D graphics so a program doesn't have to be written for each graphics card. The difference is software is DESIGNED to be used with DirectX or OpenGL, as are graphics cards. Linux is not designed with the intention of being used with WINE, nor are Windows applications designed to be used with WINE (except for the Sims, which Mandrake has worked with the developer to release a Linux copy which runs around WINE). The goal of WINE has always been to run common applications to help people with the translation to Linux. Given Lindows' Windows compatibility is acheived by using WINE, it was counter productive for Lindows to even attempt to have a different goal.
True, WINE is to help port apps, but until Linux is able to run MS Office, it ain't going anywhere on the workstation side... Lindows was an attempt at that and by admiting defeat, I'd say consumer Linux isn't achievable.
Certainly no one is going to buy the boxes with this stuff.
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