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LINUX is platform of choice in ITV devices

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Who can argue with TiVo, Dish 721, Motorola and SonicBlue all using the OS... I would have thought Microsoft would have been more agressive in this market and its looking like they are going to be left behind. Not good news for UTV users IMO.
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Well who is to say that they will continue to support the market unless they have a larger piece of the pie? Xbox? That doesn't help those with UTV since the OSes are totally different. I'm just saying that you'd think Microsoft wouldn't have let it get this far. Its not like the browser market where they were able to leverage their OS dominance to get IE on everyones desk. This is between the manufactures and the OS providers. Why deal with Microsoft when you can design your own OS for practically free?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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