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I'm not including what's on Premiere but just Series three. I would like Kidszone, Guru Guides and web videos. Oh and maybe buying movie tickets feature. I know these things will never come to the THR22 but I just want to know what features you could dream be on it.

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LI-SVT said:
the ability to view video files stored on a computer.
What the DirecTV sh... uhh sharers seem to have right (or at least consistent) from their DirecTV ma... uhh magnanimous sources is that these kinds of file access features will be DirecTV features and not Tivo features.

We can't have Tivo input and output from the THR22, but if Tivo is willing to reinvent their software to do it the clumsy and convoluted DirecTV way, and pay DirecTV for the privilege, MAYBE we will get these features added.

I suspect that there may be a few people left in Tivo management with IQs higher than speed limits, so even if the maybe became a yes, there will be no such features.
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