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Listing of HD channels between companies

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Does anyone know if there is an HD channel listing anywhere that compares like Uverse, Dish and Directv? its hard to decipher whats on one and not on the other by going back and forth between the websites. Don't know if any place has a comparison side by side or something.
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thanks guys, the one on AVSforum is most useful. i didn't realize dish doesn't have abc family, thats like 60% of the TV in my household so thats out. directv looks good, has pretty much all the hd channels we watch minus E and a couple of others, but the wife watches that crap, so no biggee.
mdavej said:
THIS is the most up-to-date and comprehensive one I've seen. Dish got Reelz HD again a few days ago (temporarily at least). I don't know if DirecTV has gotten anything else in the past few weeks. The list shows Tru HD which was the last one AFAIK.
Link to the thread as the attachment will be deleted when it is changed to the new:

I have not updated it for the latest Reelz HD pass through but otherwise it remains correct.
only thing thats a bit rough to lose from uverse is tvland HD and no going out in the rain :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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