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Local CBS affiliate has listed a HD channel

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HD Channel for Direct TV on channel 953. This is for Huntsville, Alabama (currently does not have HD channels via Direct)...but hoping D11 will show us the light.

Here's the link:


Scroll down to the bottom...what do you guys think? Think there's an agreement for the HD for WHNT and Direct?

I hope so.
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No, it's someone at WHNT that doesn't know how to read the DirecTV local channel listing. Channel 953 is the channel that older single satellite receivers use for WHNT analog. It has nothing to do with HD.
Thanks for the clarification...I actually hoped it was news that someone slipped up on...but I knew I could post it here...and someone would ferret out the truth on it.
Yes, unfortunately, the 900 series channels are for older receiver that cant get the "normal" local channel numbers (below 100)
I suspect that between D11 lighting up soon, as well as Feb 2009 coming up, you're gonna see more of this kinda stuff.
I'm just hoping they have an agreement already in place. We get locals...but not HD locals yet...I hope they have an agreement for HD locals....and I'd prefer it to be BEFORE college football season starts....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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