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Local Dealers?

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Where can I find out about local Dealers? Do they lease receivers for the same price as Dish? I started with this company 11 years and 3 months ago, and still can't get used to this "you can't install it" crap.

July 6th I install a new HD Tv in the bedroom. I remove the 501 from the bedroom and bring my 622 up from the basement entertainment system and hook it up to the new bedroom TV.
I called and ordered a 622 to replace the 501 that was in the bedroom (this will leave me with 2 - 622's and a 508). Since I have a DP34 switch and need 5 coax runs (coax is already installed) I agreed to let them install it because they will supply a new switch. (with hopes that they install a DPP 44 so I can run the splitters) Great deal on receiver! some special deal where I get a 622 for $50.00! Install is scheduled for AM July 16th.

July 7th, lightning hits near my house, takes out the 622, 119 side of LNB on dish 500, LNB on 61.5 and 2 of the 4 ports on the DB34 Plus the brand new TV, my stereo receiver, and some other stuff ($1400 total not including dish stuff).

After the storm I replace the 500 DP dual lnb with a spare and diagnose switch. since 2 outputs are working, Put 501 back on line. I call Dish for parts (I have home protection program). They will not send any parts since they don't understand my Diagnoses (read LNB don't work, replace it with spare and now it works). They say they need to send a tech! After many calls and further pleading they say when the tech come out on 7/16, it is there job to make the install work even if it means replacing bad parts. Since I can watch the 501 on my old TV I agree to wait.

Later that week the replacement 622 comes so I hook it to the new replacement TV in the bedroom using just SAT input one.

July 15th. I take the day off of work. 12:00. No tech, so I call dish. They have no record I ever order a 622! I figure the CSR (who even took my credit card number) realized that since I am already a customer it should have cost $100.00, so she just erased the order! Still more pleading, but they will not send me parts!. I order another 622 and schedule install for July 23. Later I realize that on the 23 I will be at the airport, so I change install to July 18th 12:00-5:00

July 18th. I take another day off from work. 3:30 the phone rings, "hello this is dish network, I can't get a tech free to come out to your house". I raise hell, she said she would call me right back. 4:00 she calls back. The next tech free will come to your house with your new 222. 222? I ordered a 622! I decide Ok, bring the 222, since it uses 2 coax inputs I can get my crap fixed and I will have dish exchange it for a 622. While I wait I call dish, they change the work order (in case the guy has a 622 in the truck) and said worse come to worse they could exchange it. Great! I am happy.
6:30, still no call from tech. I call dish again and they say "you have to reschedule, next appointment is Monday the 21th. Now I am mad! I tell them "If you can't have a tech here tomorrow, forget it! I will check out switching to cable or DTV! she said OK, you don't want to do that (and she is right). "We will put this on the dispatchers desk and have a tech there tomorrow morning". It's not my fault they did not have enough time to do my install today. Why should I have to reschedule? I already have 2 days off from work into this deal!

I would much rather deal with a local installer. Is there such a person?
Will they install for the same prices that Dish is offering?
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I install for a local retailer. About the only difference between a retailer and dealing with Dish direct is that if a pole mount is needed Dish might provide it for free. Dish controls the prices so most things are the same. Make sure the retailer has its own installer. If not it goes to the Dish installers.
BNUMM. I found a place to search on DNW site and all my zip code says is "radioshack and sears".

The dispatcher called again today (Saturday). "We don't have a tech in your area so they ain't coming". But this time it sounded like a manager, she even gave me a direct call back number. She recorded all the information about what parts work since the "surge" so it was on the work order, and promised someone will be here first thing Sunday morning.

I did find out that it would only cost me $39.00 early termination fee to pull the plug on dishnetwork today.
The Dish site does not list all local retailers. The one I install for is not listed. Sears and most Radio Shacks do not have their own installers.
I just went to my local yellowpages (I know, not high tech) and looked under 'satellite TV'. There were 2 or 3 local retailers, called the closest one and they were able to get a local contractor out the next day.
dish network came through. After a manager got involved at the dispatch level they sent someone Sunday morning. The person who came out is a dishnet employee, not a contractor (I am not saying contractors are bad). I must say this guy went above and beyond the call of duty to put me back on the air. He replaced several different coaxes (about 150' worth) that were working, but old. Many connectors, replaced the DP34 with a DP44 and 2 new LNB's on the 500 dish, plus a complete ground system outside. He then installed the new receiver and checked out everything. Took him around 3 hours time. (not including travel).

Guess I am now tied to dish for another 2 years thanks to my new leased 622! But that's OK since I am happy with dish network again.
That is quite an effort and glad they took care of you. Enjoy your new 622!
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