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Local HD Channels SE Florida

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Got my HR20 about 3 weeks ago, some issues, but overall I'm very pleased with the operation. Not as flawless as my old Pioneer TiVo, but its getting there.

I do have one concern, I get all my local channels in HD over the satellite except for channel 12 WPEC. Does anyone out there get channel 12 in HD?
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No, WPEC is holding out for more money.
In this case it is WPEC, not the company that owns them, and that is why I answered the way that I did. If it was the company that owns them that would have been my answer.
Just got this email from WPEC:

Mr. xxxxx, the negotiation with DirecTV is completed and our HD signal will be up "any day now" according to my sources. I wish I could give you a better answer than that but it's the only information I have today. It sounds like you're one of those who are hooked on HD programming just like me; I do appreciate you watching News12.

Keith A. Betts

Director of Engineering WPEC TV
sandy929 said:
Great news, can't wait to get 12 in HD.
You and me both. I think at that point I'll finally go ahead and get an HR20 for my bedroom.

Of course "any day now" could still be weeks off.
"any day now" has still not happened, one week later.
pmayo2002 said:
Any day now is TODAY!! WPEC is on HD at least for the CBS Evening News...
AWESOME! Now we're set!

I had a bet with my father as to which would come first, WPEC in Mpeg4 or OTA.

I lost. lol
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