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Local RSN included in sports package?

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We only subscribe the family package as my wife only watches broadcast shows and the kids watch nickelodeon and I don't watch much of anything. I'm wondering if I add the sports pack if I'll get the local RSN's with the family package or if I have to upgrade to one that bundles the comcast sports networks with it? The customer service rep said he was "pretty sure" I would get the channels but I would like a definitive answer. Also can you cancel/add the package just during basketball season? I don't really follow the local baseball teams and don't think there would be any compelling programs outside of the NBA as NFL/College games are all on the broadcast networks.
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scamp said:
Total Choice Family is what it is billed at. It is like 30 bucks a month and essentially includes locals and a bunch of kids channels. It is a bare minimum channel lineup and if you want to watch anything other then icarly and spongebob are going to be disappointed.
It has a little more than that. It includes HLN, the Weather Channel, the Science Channel, Nat Geo, Hallmark, CSPAN I and II and Bloomberg.
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