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Local Stations Call Letters

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Just a little OCD of mine I wanted to vent about. In the guide for local networks in the 80's and 380's it shows NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX.... The local networks you receive for your area all show the call sign for the network instead of the network name. I live hear, I know my channels, 4, 6, 8, 13....and I could care less about the call signs, wttv, wthr..... because I never have to refer to the call signs. I occasionally do refer to ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX... but with the guide displaying the call signs I have to stop and think which channel is NBC. I was not able to modify my UltimateTV's guide but I was able to modify the TiVo guide to show the station name instead of the call sign. Since I am not going to be able to modify the HR21 guide I just wanted to complain. To me the guide should be consistent throughout, display the network name instead of the stations call sign.
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If you highlight the call letters in the guide, the network name is displayed.
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