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Jodean said:
Ive never really seen so much kaos in local channels before

Directv has been doing the wrong flyers and emails for years.....

Last summer all of my brand new installs got letters stating that their system was out of date and would lose their local channels if they didnt get the upgrade.......ya right, cause the brand new swm system that just got installed was out dated.......ok whatever. Took many phone calls over this ordeal for no reason.

Directv REALLY needs to TRAIN their customer service employees. Makes them look like complete idiots.

I called in because i was curious what corp charges for 2 HD DVR and 2 HD system. Several CSR's and the supervisor were telling me there were up charges for the 2nd DVR and the 2nd HD box and that we were not in a mpeg 4 market. I explained each time that there was no way that we do SD receivers in this area due to locals only being in HD. They told me i was wrong several times and insisted on large amount of upgrade fees to get 4 HD receivers and DVRs. Wow, really so i thought i would try another MPEG 4 zip code and they told me the same thing. Even the supervisor got back on the phone and told me there is no way to get 4 free HD receivers....um....ok i wasn't really sure what to say to that..... If the upper management doesn't know how to build an account i really don't know how ANYONE gets directv installed at all......

And then just recently directv hired companies to be at Sams club, Walmart and Menards, they too had the same training and were selling SD receivers to the customers signing up at Sams club, i watched the guy do it. OMFG!!! Get a clue directv!!
I really don't know how you expect anyone to understand your posts at all.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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