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It appears that Local BTV lost the Nexstar channels after losing PBS. In Philly, this includes WPHL 17 primary and Antenna TV. In NYC, it means Antenna and Rewind TV are gone. One nicety is being able to record classic tv using its dvr.

Local BTV still has Cozi and getTV though, but it's usefulness is getting diminished. It still has NHK World from my local PBS, NewsNet and a few other smaller networks that are nice but it lacks too many of the other digitnets that are available over the air.

Also from touting they will be getting all locals to losing locals isn't a good sign. I'm surprised it managed to get a deal for Cozi via NBC but it might NBC is allowing just the local feeds not the national feed being distributed free.

I like Local BTV's guide and picture in picture availability, and wish frndlyTV or Philo would adopt Local BTV's EPG.
Any danger of Local BTV losing Decades or MeTV?
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