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Locals in HD - LNB/Dish Issue?

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I had my second service call yesterday to check into why the my MPEG-4 encoded locals in HD sporatically work on my HR-20. While I took the whole day off from work the service tech actually came at 11:30am instead of the 1-5pm window!!....

After explaining the issue of the locals in HD only coming in occasionally he asked if I had the 'older dish'...he informed me that this is a 'known issue' with the older dishes and the slimline dish fixes the problem seen...

I am hoping he is right and had to schedule another install for this dish, because obviously it would have been too easy for him to have that in his truck already...

Anyone heard of this being the 'root cause' of the HD Locals issue...??

Samsung DLP
Harmony 880
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wmschultz said:
No, that is not correct.

The AT-9 and the Slimline provide the same 5 LNB service.

If you have a AT-9, they might have to replace it with the slimline because the LNB
is different, this is only because they wouldn't have a replacement LNB for the AT-9
on the truck.
Sorry if I confused you. "wmschultz" and "veryoldschool" have worded it better.
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