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Locals issues

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Newbie here, which probably means a dumb question, but here goes. I have Directv, with a Phase III dish, but never needed to get local channels until now. Ordered them, but nothing comes in on these channels besides music with a Directv logo on the screen. The top channel information guide has what programming is "supposed" to be onall the local channels, but like I said, no video, just music from a XM channel. So I look at the dish signal strength, and the 101W has "91", and the 110/119 has "83". I called customer service and all they could suggest was resetting my receiver a couple of times, which did not help. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to adjust the satellite differently? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Your signals look fine and you tried a reset, you did all the right things. My gues is DirecTV did not properly authorize your receiver, I would call them back or you can resend your authorization on line.
Here seems to be the key to your question:
I have Directv, with a Phase III dish, but never needed to get local channels until now.
You've had DirecTV for a while, because it is almost impossible receive a package without local channels.

How old are your receivers, and what models are they?

I have a feeling there is either or both of two problems:
1) you don't have the right receivers to see local channels (they should be channels 6, 8, 10, etc. on your receivers)
2) you don't have a multiswitch to drive your old phase III dish.
You should go to the guide and check test channels 490 to 494 to make sure you are getting both odd and even transponders.

Are you really located in your spot-beam region? Why did you not need the locals previously but need them now?
Thanks guys for your quick response. Yes, I have had direct for quite awhile, and my receiver is a drd420re. I know it is old (I think 7 years?), but my neighbor has the same receiver, and is currently receiving locals on his.
Went to channel 490- It says Test 1 Sat A (101) Odd Txp 13V
494- Nothing but a blank screen.
Don't know what you mean about spot-beam region.
My setup right now is only one RG6 from dish (the dish has the built in 4 channel multi-switch) to receiver, do I need a multi-switch inline since I added the locals?
Thanks again.
I believe you'll find the Knoxville locals on the 119 satellite.
And i believe checking channels 492 and 493 will check the odd and even transponders on the 119 satellite. 492 should show 13 volts on the odd transponders, and on 493, 18 volts on the even transponders.
Ok, nothing on channels 492 or 493. So supposedly that means I am not getting a signal on the 119 sat? I guess what I do not understand is how I am getting a 83 on my signal meter on the 110/119 sat, and how the locals (6,8,10 etc.) are showing up with correct programming info on top of the screen when I turn it to those channels, but only XM music is on them...
Very simple. The receiver is too dumb to tell the difference between the test transponders on the 119 and satellites and the 101 satellite. I think that 492 and 493 test for transponders 27 and 28 on satellite B amd 494 checks for transponder 10 on 110.

I think channel 400 or 401 is a Spanish language promo channel that comes from the 119 satellite.

Compare the signal strengths of transponders 4, 12, 18, 20, 26 and 28 on sat 101 and sat 119. You may find that they are the same, which will be impossible because they are spot beams.

You might as well go into your set-up menu and make sure it is set on 3-LNB, but if it is, then you either have a bad LNB or you have a defective installation.
I'll be the receiver is set for a 1-LNB dish. He needs to re-run the Setup for the dish and select 3-LNB (Oval).
Well, I got it fixed, but not sure what I did to fix it. Even though I was getting good signals on the 110/119 (in the high 80s, low 90s), I went ahead and tried to realign the dish. Like I said, I don't know what changed, because the dish ended up back on my same original marks, but now I have the locals showing up. I had all the setup correct (3-LNB, etc.). Did the tweaking and/or loosening of the dish and retightening it, sound like a plausible fix? For my peace of mind, I would like to know for myself what I did to fix it, but I can't say for sure...
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