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From what city are your locals?

Unless you're subscribed to LA locals,
or one of the other cities still offered
nationwide, you're probably out of luck.

These six nationwide locals are available
to anyone who can produce an RV or
trucker's license.

If you want locals near where you're
actually located in Oregon, maybe you
can work out an arrangement with DISH.

With ExpressVu or StarChoice (reverse
grey market), you could get east and west
locals (Seattle, Spokane, Boston, Buffalo?).

Ironically, the "wing" satellites (148 and
61.5) do their best to blanket the whole
US. So some of your home locals might
be available on 148 in Oregon.

Say, Chris, did you notice that we
both registered on the same day,
made "Legend" status at about the
same time, and replied here at about
the same time? Spooky, ain't it? ;)
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