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Locals through satellite AND antenna?

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Let's say that I have a PVR 501. Receiving local channels via satellite. Since it does not seem possible to watch one show and record another with this PVR (the PVR 721 is too much $$$. This is not an option.)...Could we have a regular TV antenna connected to the VCR so that locals are also coming in that way? THUS, allowing us to record Drew Carey via PVR AND have the VCR recording Big Brother 3 at the same time?

Does that make any sense or am I just whacked?
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Hi John and welcome to DBSTalk! :hi:

That would work without any problem. If possible you might want to even consider picking up a cheap Displayer and using that as your "second tuner" assuming you can run another line from your Dish. I have a 501 and 2 Displayers and in some cases I have double redundant recording on important shows to make sure I get them in case any of the receivers screw up. I am doing things this way because, like you said, the 721 was too much money and I already had the necessary receivers to basically do the same thing the 721 can.
Okay, I don't have satellite yet, so I'm still a little foggy on the whole scenario.

When you say "run another line from your Dish", do you mean running one line from the dish to the 501 AND another one to the Dish player...on the same TV? Will I need a special dish for this because I'll have two TVs going to the dish already.

Thanks for the advice!
A couple of questions. How many TV's in your house will have a satellite receiver next to it? If I understand you correctly, you will have 2. One of them will be a 501. What will the other TV have? Another 501?

You can have up to 2 receivers very easily. Anything more will cost more money to install. What you proposed in your original message is the most cost effective way to be able to record 2 shows at the same time in one room utilizing your VCR.
I plan to have the 501 on one and a 301 on the other TV (total of 2 TVs). Your solution is definitely a workable alternative to the 721. Would it take more than just a standard dish to accomodate this? If so, what $$$ are we talking?

Thank you for your advice. I DO appreciate it!
You can use the same dish but most likely your installation will consist of DishPro equipment which I'm not sure will work with the Displayer.

Can someone lend a hand on this? I'm not fully familiar with DishPro stuff.
To work with the DishPro LNB's and switches, you'll probably have to get the $69 Legacy adapter for your DishPLayer. At least that would be my guess.
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