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Locals via satellite questions

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Couple of simple questions...

1. What is the price to add locals? I have a package called "Total Choice" (no locals). I'm curious what this equivalent too, as I don't see the name when I go to change package, and all I see is packages with locals.

2. Looking at the directv.com page to which locals I would get, I only see the primary channel, none of the subs. We have some cool subs in the DFW area, obvious things like weather, etc., but we also have the DFW airport cams, which I think is pretty cool... It looks like if I was to pay for locals, I'd loose these, which is why I'm thinking about the AM21, but I'm still kinda upset that I lost my OTA channels when I "upgraded" my reciever...

Anyway, just trying to understand some options here.

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I don't know what the change would be for you, but I think for most people it's about a $4-5 per month difference. There are so many "legacy" packages out there, it's hard to say.

You're right that, as far as I know, DIRECTV does not carry any subchannels in DFW or for that matter anywhere. You're right that you will need the AM21 for that. I know you've posted in some other threads about your desire for an AM21, and you also know by now that it's not impossible to get one for free.

In my mind I was also thinking $4 (3+5/2, from dusty memories)... So at $54 it pays for itself in a year and buys me anti-fade insurance.

I'm warming up my silver tongue now... :lol:

I'll call either today or tomorrow.

I figure I want to read up a bit more, though I'm quite sure I'll end up getting it.

Plus still getting to know the HR21, so in no hurry for a new distraction.
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