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Okay I have waited 9 days for an installer to come out. I am a brand new customer that lives in Miami Oklahoma. I was promised that I could get locals out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My zip code is 74354 and apparetly they offer locals in this zip code from Craig county but not Ottawa which is where I live. Why is that? My local market is not Tulsa but jopln but that is in a different state. Dish Network has the Joplin Locals in my area but they dont offer the NFL Sunday ticket. Also the locals on dish network show exclusive Rams and Chiefs. No thanks. Why should I be confined to crappy locals and no NFL Sunday ticket when Directv offers locals in the same town I live in just a differnt county? Anyone have any idea who sets the boundries for the counties?

The supervisor at directv say that I can submit waivers to all the locals but I have to be a customer first to do that. I dont want to be signed up for a 2 year commitment if I can not get the locals. Thats not really fair. Basically I can not get what I want because I live in 74354 Ottawa County and not 74354 Craig County. Someone help please!!!!!
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D* has to play within the rules that the FCC (Fed gov't) has set. If you are in one DMA, then you can only get the channels offered/available to that DMA. Blame the FCC/Gov't, not D*.

You could always "move" to the neighboring DMA.
Have you considered a AM21 and going OTA with an outdoor antenna? You would get the Joplin locals over the dish and the Tulsa locals OTA.
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