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Locked Receivers - Refreshing Playlist

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New issue since I upgraded from HR24 to HR34. Occasionally, when trying to delete a program (usually when watching via MRV), the DVR I am watching the show on and trying to delete from will have a message saying "Refreshing Playlist Please Wait." It will hang in that Mode until I have to do a red button reset on not only that receiver, but the source receiver as well. This NEVER happened when I just had HR24s. Ever since I got the HR34s it has occurred.
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The HR34's aren't as stable as the HR24's yet.
No way that's the case. 24s are more stable.
raromr said:
No way that's the case. 24s are more stable.
Sorry, meant aren't, not are.
How many HR34's do you have? Did the HR34 with the dead hard drive get replaced already?
2. Not yet D* is sending a new unit. Hope to have tomorrow.
Good to hear. Keep us posted.

Has your "good" HR34 gotten the latest software update yet?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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