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locked up during recording

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had pbs set to record for an hr and half last nite at 9:30 so i got up this morning for work,noticed that the record light was still on, it was still recording pbs for 7hrs and 30 mins so i went to stop it, it stopped then the remote wouldnt respond to the receiver, plus when it locked up on pbs, it didnt record anything else that i had scheduled last nite also, i am on the Oxfa software upgrade, had to do a reset again for i dont know how many times now.
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Looks like you had the same problem I did - I posted this in the software update thread:

QUOTE: My HR20 has been fairly trouble free for sometime now, here is my first problem with 0xFA

HR20 is connected by component cables, no HDMI. Switched TV on at 9.58pm central. Great HD picture (Discovery HD), but HR20 would not respond to remote. Tried H20 remote also but this did not work either. Both remotes on IR.
Record light was on on front of HR20, resolution indicated as 480p (strange) even though picture was clearly 1080i. Stayed that way thru 10.15pm (still showing record light) when I did red button reset.

HR20 came back on Discovery HD Theater, great HD picture as before but now resolution light on HR20 says 1080i. Remote now works OK. No record light.

Go to list but nothing listed for the 9 to 10pm timeslot. Go to history, shows Shark in 9-10pm time slot as "partial". No way to retrieve recorded program. Shark had been set to record via series link not by search.

Nothing was recorded or set to record in the 10-11 pm time slot even though record light had been on.
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thanks glad to hear im not the only one having that problem, every little bit of info helps :)
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