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Lockup on CBS Feed

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Yesterday (Sunday), did anyone else experience a lot of lock-ups and pixelations with the national CBS feed? Our feed with KENS beginning with the football games for yesterday and continuing on through the evening was filled with lock-ups and pixelations. Missed the comeback between the Colts and Texans in the last quarter and a lot of the evening shows. Only had these issues with the CBS channel. Checked the other channels and they were fine. Also noticed that the issues only were present during national feeds! Whenever the feed was shifted to local commercials, everything was fine!
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Happened to me also. Although it appears it was problems with the uplinks from the games or elsewhere before it hit the Directv Uplinks and not a reciever lockup.

I left the receiver alone and noticed 4-5 minutes into the first outage that transponders were being switched as got two-three different test patterns as "somebody" was trying to find one that worked....
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