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Looking At Getting Dish Again, Need To Be Brought Up To Speed

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Hello everyone…

I may be a new member, but I’m not a newbie, just looking for some updated info.

Some background info…I used to be a lurker at this site years ago when I had satellite TV, actually I defected here from the old DBSDISH site which I believe became DBSforums. Anyhow, I learned a lot about satellite tv and how this DBS technology worked thanks to this site, and I kept up with the latest news and happenings in the industry for years but lost interest a while back. I had Dish Network in the late 90s and early 2000s and switched back to cable, Time Warner in my area, when it became apparent that Dish would never carry the YES Network. I’m a huge Yankees fan and waited a year after the network launched before I made the switch. I then had digital cable for a few years and then went to DirecTV when they started launching a bunch of HD channels. About a year and a half ago, like every yo-yo does, I swung in another direction and decided to back to Time Warner since they now offer upwards of 150 HD channels in my area and DirecTV, has been lacking. I had no intentions of going back to Dish Network. I live in the Rochester, NY area and am a huge fan of all of the major teams that cover the area. The Sabres are my #1 team being so close to Buffalo, the Rangers are my #2 team since NY Rangers Captain, Ryan Callahan was born and raised in this area, as I said the Yankees are huge for me, I follow the Knicks, not a die hard fan though. Since Dish carries no NY sports, they will never be my main TV provider.

However, now to my main point, a relative of mine, well my wife actually, will be staying with us for roughly a year. Maybe a little longer. She is of Taiwanese decent and mentioned something about the Taiwanese package on Dish. After she leaves and gets settled into her own place, I have every intention of canceling and just paying the ETF.

I tried doing some research but, it looks like I missed a lot of stuff over the past 10 years or so. Back when I had Dish, I had a Dish 500 looking at 119 & 110 and a Dish 300 looking at 61.5 for a few extra locals. This was before HD became the norm. The very few HD channels that were available at the time, along with international channels were also on 61.5 as well as 148 for those in the west. Now I see Dish as a bunch of other satellite locations (105, 72.7, 118.7 and maybe others), and a few different styles Dishes, 1000.1, eastern arc, western arc, Turbo HD and I’ve seen one or two of these new black dishes around here. Not sure if that is something new or special or even what satellites those look at. Most Dish subscribers that I know of, have left over the years due to them dropping all of our sports channels so I can’t think of anyone off of the top of my head that I could personally talk to so I decided to post my question here.

I currently do not have cable hooked in our guest bedroom, so I was thinking about getting a basic subscription to Dish, the Welcome Pack, I believe it’s called with locals, or maybe one package above that plus the Taiwanese package. Having HD would great. My relative said she would foot the cost of the install and pay a portion of the bill so I’m not really worried about cost.

I know I’ll also have to pick what receiver I want, but that will be my next thing on my plate. For right now I’m just wondering what dish or dishes I’d need along with what satellites they’d be looking at.

Sorry for the long winded post and thanks for any help.
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You will need a dish 500+ dish for internationals. To start an account with Welcome Pack I believe needs the help of the DIRT Team. The DIRT team is in red at the bottom of the main page. You need 5 posts to be able to use the PM function.
Instead of going for the two year contract, just buy the equipment to get the programing you want, when you don't need it anymore, cancel the service and sell the equipment.
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