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Looking for most recent Slimline 5LNB dish install instructions

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Upgrading my DirecTV SD to HD service. Replacing my trusty Tivo R10 DVR with new HR22-100. Also ordered a Slimline 5LNB dish to replace my existing 3LNB.

Looking for most recent (or easiest or accurate) Slimline 5LNB dish install instructions (or video) and any special tips.

I will be taking the HR22 and a small TV up onto roof and using those to calibrate the Slimline.

Many thanks..................:)

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See Supplemental Alignment Tips for more info. Also, I suggest you start with a legacy Ku receiver rather than the HR22 for a number of reasons. After you get the dish aligned for 101/119, then switch to the HR22.
Chevy-SS said:
Thanks for info. Are you saying I should use my R10 to align 101/119, instead of the HR22?

I don't know what "legacy Ku receiver" is...................

Any old non-HD receiver will do, even if not activated. Some of them have a variable audio tone you can actually hear, and they don't time out while you're trying to locate the 101, like the HD receivers tend to do. It's easiest to hook an HR to a dish which is at least already in rough alignment.
I think you'll find that these are much easier to align than what you may have experienced in the past, because of the vastly improved dish mount. I installed a Slimline yesterday over at my brother's, and after setting the EL and tilt in accordance with his location, the 101 was acquired in the 90's on the first swing of the dish on the mast through the AZ. The 103's were already in the 50's. It helps a lot to have a perfectly plumb mast.

To obtain the best signals on 99/103, I had to adjust the tilt almost 15 degrees from the initial setting, and I wasn't able to get any 99/103's in the 90's. Don't know what that's all about yet. Maybe the dish was slightly warped. I've got to check that out today, since now he wants me to move it from where the 18" dish was, up the side of the house, to a more hidden location on the back side of a small out building: (Brother, getting off tractor...."That thing is huge!!!")

What bothered him the most, however, was that the mast arm, being one of the older ones without an adjustment joint in it, had been manufactured such that the only way the mast could be plumb was to have the mounting plate seriously out of level on the lapboard siding. This looked rather sloppy and odd, and he freely admitted to having OCD about such things. So I told him, "OK, Mr. Monk, we'll put it on the back of the 'apple house'." This is where I'd wanted to put it in the first place, since it would be at ground level for easy adjustment. I told him to start digging the trench for the conduit. Always great helping your siblings.... :)
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