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Looking for new software cycle....

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This just started today. Did a reboot, but My HR21-100 is locked into a cycle of "Looking for New Software"... It never finds anything and instructs me to do a RBR. Which I've done but the cycle just repeats. I tried unplugging the HR,nothing, I unplugged the power and the SWM connection, nothing. Any ideas???
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Scott Kocourek said:
There is probably nothing in the stream for that receiver, keep an eye on the FW monitor and do the DL when it's there.

Is this unit on the current CE?
No it is on the NR 05d2..
Rich said:
Well, that's a new one. I've had to dump HRs because they were caught in a 771 loop, kept searching for signals even tho every other HR I had at the time was functioning correctly, but I've never had this happen. Were it me, I'd dump that 21-100 and get a better model.

It may come to that, I can't be assured that I would get a newer model though and I don't want to buy one. I looked on theRedH(http://www.redh.com/dtv/index.php?list) site and right now the NR(05d2) is showing as "Inactive" When it is back in the stream I'll try again. If that does not work, I guess I'll make the call to DTV, and see if they will supply another rec'vr. If I do have to make that call, should I start with "Retention" or go thru the standard CSR's and normal trouble shooting? Any thoughts?
The really perplexing thing is, I was not trying to do a download, I just did a Menu reset.....:confused:
Scott Kocourek said:
No need to go through retention, that department is for people that call to cancel service.

Call them and explain the problem, if/when they determine that it needs to be replaced then your best chance to chose a particular receiver model is to ask for a tech to deliver and hook it up, otherwise you will get the next receiver that's ready to go out the door.
Does this procedure result in a service charge? I don't have the ProtectionPlan.
UPDATE: All is well....:joy:

The HR21 was able to download the 05d2 software, once it was back in the stream.(Thanks for the tip,Scott) After downloading, it rebooted to it and everything is back to normal. Guide cache was not even lost on this. Red button on Olympic channels now loads the Olympic info and that was the reason I started this in the first place. I still don't understand why it looked for new software though, I was just doing a Menu reset....:confused:

Thanks for all the help with this guys....
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