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Looking for new software cycle....

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This just started today. Did a reboot, but My HR21-100 is locked into a cycle of "Looking for New Software"... It never finds anything and instructs me to do a RBR. Which I've done but the cycle just repeats. I tried unplugging the HR,nothing, I unplugged the power and the SWM connection, nothing. Any ideas???
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There is probably nothing in the stream for that receiver, keep an eye on the FW monitor and do the DL when it's there.

Is this unit on the current CE?
No need to go through retention, that department is for people that call to cancel service.

Call them and explain the problem, if/when they determine that it needs to be replaced then your best chance to chose a particular receiver model is to ask for a tech to deliver and hook it up, otherwise you will get the next receiver that's ready to go out the door.
I'm glad it all worked out.

To answer your previous question, you would have probably been charged for a service call. To some it's worth the call to have a chance of getting a better receiver.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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