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1) Nope, not if you trade a dvr for a dvr. HD is just a feature :)
2) there are two possibilities here. A new dish for the locals or an OTA antenna. The price is comparable to D*s normal OTA price and similar to some discounted new dish prices. you might be able to install your own OTA antenna, its just a normal TV antenna. On the other hand, you likely can't get a new dish installed for that price by anyone other than D*.
3) you are correct.
4) you won't be able to display 1080i on a tv that isn't able to handle 1080i, but you will be able to display all programs on the TV by selecting the resolution(s) that your current TV can display. The HD DVR will scale the programs to fit the abilities of your TV.

One suggestion. If you get the current HD DVR, the HR20, be aware there are people still having problems with the stability. I have missed recordings, had a few recordings that were not watchable, and some that mysteriously disappeared. I recommend you keep your old DVR for a short time as a backup. Yes it will cost a few $$ a month. But, if you do have problems, you likely can get D* to give you credits to cover your costs.

Good luck, and merry Christmas,
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