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bleem22 said:
I currently have DT with a DVR R15-100. I have about 3 months with it. I really wanted a HD-DVR but didnt have the money at the time to buy one so I went with the DVR on DT's current offer. I plan on buying a HD-DVR off ebay but I dont know what model to get? I am guessing the HR20-700? I think thats what it was.

Well I had a few questions:

1. Will there be any extra fee's for trading out my DVR for a HD-DVR? I assume I just send my current DVR back to DT and there will be no extra fee's other than the HD fee for the service?

2. I was told by DT that they will need to install a HD antenna for my local HD channels they want to charge me a one time $40 fee for that but will they wave it if I ask nicely? :p

3. Since my DVR is my main receiver I will be making my HD-DVR my main receiver so there will be no monthly fee for that right?

4. Will there be a problem displaying the 1080i resolution on a none Widescreen Tv? I have a older CRT none WS Tv that i plan on getting rid of soon but not before I get the HD-DVR.

Thanks for any info :)
1. There won't be any additional fees for the HR20, but you will most likely want the HD Pack that has the additional HD channels minus the locals that are included with the Total Choice Package. The HD Package is usually free for 3 months with a new HD DVR. But, the package price is about $10 a month.

2. You will need a new 5 LNB antenna installed by DTV that receives the MPEG-4 content. All of the new HD channels will be on the new satellites that require the new 5 LNB. So, get it installed when you lease the DVR from DTV.

The HR20 is a lease, so I would get it directly from DTV. Negotiate the price, or get DTV to throw in free services.
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