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I currently have DT with a DVR R15-100. I have about 3 months with it. I really wanted a HD-DVR but didnt have the money at the time to buy one so I went with the DVR on DT's current offer. I plan on buying a HD-DVR off ebay but I dont know what model to get? I am guessing the HR20-700? I think thats what it was.

Well I had a few questions:

1. Will there be any extra fee's for trading out my DVR for a HD-DVR? I assume I just send my current DVR back to DT and there will be no extra fee's other than the HD fee for the service?

2. I was told by DT that they will need to install a HD antenna for my local HD channels they want to charge me a one time $40 fee for that but will they wave it if I ask nicely? :p

3. Since my DVR is my main receiver I will be making my HD-DVR my main receiver so there will be no monthly fee for that right?

4. Will there be a problem displaying the 1080i resolution on a none Widescreen Tv? I have a older CRT none WS Tv that i plan on getting rid of soon but not before I get the HD-DVR.

Thanks for any info :)
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