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Watching a program on the tuner while it is being recorded, the recording ends and the green time line disappears, I watch the next program, but the buffer does not start again, watched the next program for 15min, but no green buffer bar. If I try fast reverse, the sound effects chime sounds like it is backing up, but the picture freezes and nothing happens. I try to fast forward, but get the bong sound, and nothing happens. The picture is still frozen. I try to change channel with the up/down button, but get a please wait then it goes to a movie on demand channel. I have to hit the TiVo button, then it goes back to the channel that I was viewing but the time line is still not working. If i swap tuners, the green timeline is only about 5min long like it had restarted on that channel. Back in the channel with no buffer, I have to direct enter another channel to switch channels and the green timeline starts on that channel. When I go back to the original channel that had the problem, the buffer isn't working.
On the channel that the buffer is not working, I change to another channel by direct entering the channel number. then I swap tuners That buffer is working. I then change the channel back to the channel that the buffer was not working, and then low and behold the buffer is working again. I go to the channel that I selected to move off from the non working buffer, and the buffer is working there also. Trouble is cleared.

There are a few other bugs in the software that I have come across like when I finish watching a recorded program before the end of the recording, I hit a left arrow to get to the program menu, arrow down to delete and hit select, and nothing happens. Have to hit delete again to delete the program.
This doesn't happen all of the time, I am guessing that the processor on these units are a bit slow, and it doesn't see the command the 1st time even though the the yellow check mark does check the delete, but disappears. Then when you hit select again, it deletes the program.

The other problem that I consider a "bug" is that fact what when D* grabs a tuner for its enhanced content ghost recording, it doesn't restore the channel that my tuner set to after finishing what ever it is trying to do.

The loss of the buffer issue is a real Pain ITA-ss to recover from.
I hope that D* reads this and passes this on to TiVo to check their code and do a software update to correct this.

Trying to explain this to a D* CSR would just put them to sleep.
I have tried to explain other minor things to them, but can see with my "minds eye" that I am just not getting through to them, and they just want to move on to the next call.

A friend who likes to engage in long conversations with them said that a supervisor broke in on his social conversation with the CSR and told her to move on. Don't blame D* though as he was talking about non D* business.
The bottom line is that the CSR's are being monitored...

I went back to the channel that had the trouble and there was a green timeline.
When it went to the top of the hour, 2PM, I lost the green time line again and didn't restart!

-------------------------------->Another Update<-------------------------------

I tried other channels. FMC, channel 258, no buffer.
FXHD channel channel 248, buffer works, FX 248, no buffer
Local OTH Channel 6.1, buffer works, 6.2, no buffer, 6.3, buffer works
Local OTH Channel 58.1, buffer works, 58.2, no buffer
Most likely there are others, very strange problem. Will try a power cycle on the DVR and see if that solves the problem.
Just tried TCM, no buffer now, it did work before. Strange.....
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I was about to start a thread on this but I see I'm not the only one that's experienced it.

For years my old SD DirecTiVos did the 2 things a DVR must do flawlessly -
1) Record shows
2) Buffer live TV

Last night I had to reset the THR22 for the 2nd time because it stopped buffering. I've had this box since April and I've already had to reset it more times than my old Samsung DirecTiVo in SIX FREAKIN' YEARS !!! :mad:

I got the THR22 because my wife wanted to record HD and knows the TiVo interface. If this keeps happening I'll replace it with standard DVR. We'll save $5 a month and she'll LEARN to like it :lol:

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Unless I misunderstood you, I've not seen what you're describing, but I do have two other bugs that I wanted to ask if others have seen.

The first is that if I'm watching something 'live' (i.e. not recording it) but am behind real-time, and the THR-22 needs to change the channel when the program ends in order to record something else, I'll lose the end of the show I'm watching (that was in the buffer). None of our previous DirecTV/TiVo boxes did this--you could always watch the end of the 'live' show.

For example: I'm watching something on channel 501 that runs from 9:00-9:30. Let's say that at 9:29, I'm at the 9:20 point in the show, and that the box wants to change to channel 545 at 9:30. It will pop up a dialog asking me if it's okay to change the channel at 9:30, and I'll say 'yes.' All the older receivers would let you watch the last nine minutes of the show, but at 9:30, the THR-22 will zap you to the beginning of the show coming on at 9:30.

I've only had this happen a few times, so I'm not positive it's consistent, but when it does (seem to) happen, it's highly annoying.

Second one is that it will occasionally forget my chosen (black) letterbox border color and go to gray. The settings menu still shows black selected, and I have to switch to gray and back to black to get my black borders back.

Of course, the MOST annoying problem is the pausing/stuttering/pixelation and dropped audio. I've posted about that separately, and it's possible there's some cause that's not a bug, but I'd appreciate some sort of indication as to what that might be. Like a popup that says "oops, your signal/disk burped, might want to check on that!"
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