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Losing Recordings

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This is a first for me. For the past couple of weeks, maybe more, I've been losing recordings due to "signal loss detected". Last night I had scheduled three events for movies that I wanted to archive to my EHD. All failed due to "signal loss detected". I've read the threads on signal loss, but I haven't seen much of it during my normal tv watching. I'm more than a little surprised at how often my recordings are affected. This is a new one for me.

I'm willing to try whining at the CSRs, but I think that I should have a little more to go on before wasting time on that channel. One would think that the DVR wouldn't just give up on the recording if there was a momentary drop out. l

Is there a problem with my setup? If so, what should I be checking. Is there a satellite issue? If so, why does it only happen on one of my 622s.
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More info on this problem.

I said that this didn't used to happen. I looked at the recording log, which on my 622, goes back to June 7. The first of these lost recordings was on June 27. There have been quite a few since then. I note that the log entry shows SIGNAL as opposed to DONE. AND, they all say "event completed" with the correct start and stop time. But, of course, there is no recording for me to view.

What happened on June 27? ... was there a new software release?
rbyers said:
What happened on June 27? ... was there a new software release?
June 25th (L5.11) Full
July 9th (L5.12) Full

There were some partials at earlier dates respectively.

You can check/monitor software updates Here, click on "Tech Update" on the left.
I think that I'm having an LNB problem. Did a check switch and got the following message

LNB Drift

Dish will be at my place Wednesday. We'll see if that's the problem.
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