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barkster99 said:
Moved from DirecTivo to HR20 a few days ago. Having lots of issues - besides just the "it's different" adjustment that I expected. Now not sure what's hardward related, what's bugs, and what's "user" problems.

Biggest problem is complete loss of signal on Tuner 1. Swapped BBCs and cable and problem stays with tuner 1. Not surprisingly, ending up with lots of blank recordings.

I tried to reset unit by pressing the red button next to access card. When I press that button, nothing really happens except some panel lights go out., leaving only far left blue light on. I have to physically unplug unit to get it to reboot.

Good news is, resetting unit fixes the tuner 1 - for a day or so. Noticed this morning I lost signal on tuner 1 again. Cycling power fixed again.

* -- Is that reset button working like it should? Does it matter?

Called D* on the tuner issue last week and they're sending installer out again, though won't be here for another week. Thanks for any comments.
How long are you waiting after pushing the button? It can take quite a while for the "Your DirecTv receiver is starting up..." message to come up after hitting the button (mine takes 30 secs or more)

As for the tuner issue, that one is common problem on this site. Please post back what the tech says/does. I'm sure there'll be a lot of interested users.
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