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Losing Two Signals

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Here is my problem I'm in my Rv I set up my 100.2 dish on tripod everything is set. 110 @ 69 sig strength 119 @ 63 signal 129 @ 45 signal Around 5 pm to 6 pm what ever sat that I'm watching that's all I can receive til next morning. I have done the tin foil trick to make sure I'm getting the correct reception on the correct transponder and that's ok, Any ideas what is wrong. When I do a check switch in AM all three light up when I do the Evening only one will light up which ever my station was on. Very Frustrating. I do a system update at 3 am.
Any help would be great...... Steve
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I assume you actually have a 1000.2 dish 3 lnb dish & I assume a western arc lnb.

The 211k is a single tuner (1 channel) rcvr? And you are using an external hdd so have dvr function, correct?

Have you tried a different connection on the LNB itself (remove lnb 1 or 2 screws/nuts, move single cable to 1 of 4 lnb other outputs)?

also, get the a/b out of ckt for testing & try pulling cable from tripod & connect directly to rcvr, nothing else.

A time of day event implies either a thermal issue (not likely) or interference (something that moves).

Very strange problem, Good Luck!
Have you tried moving your tripod/dish to a different location, maybe as little as 10ft opposite to sat you lose (or whatever direction it would get more sky) could make a diff!?

Good Luck!
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