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Losing Two Signals

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Here is my problem I'm in my Rv I set up my 100.2 dish on tripod everything is set. 110 @ 69 sig strength 119 @ 63 signal 129 @ 45 signal Around 5 pm to 6 pm what ever sat that I'm watching that's all I can receive til next morning. I have done the tin foil trick to make sure I'm getting the correct reception on the correct transponder and that's ok, Any ideas what is wrong. When I do a check switch in AM all three light up when I do the Evening only one will light up which ever my station was on. Very Frustrating. I do a system update at 3 am.
Any help would be great...... Steve
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Coax goes direct to my Sat Tripod connection outside my motorhome, then direct to a/b switch then to receiver, only 1 tv sat input says 119 110 129. I have had it work fine in some instances but most of the time this problem occurs. This problem wouldn't be with my card could it.
The A/B switch is for A- when using satellite dome on RV, B- when using tripod 3 lnb dish. I have a second receiver in bedroom but its only connected to dome not the tripod.
OK I switched out my coax going from tripod to motorhome and it worked great the first night then last night it started doing it again, any ideas......
Here is the only way I can fix the problem, I have to unplug for 10 seconds, let it reboot then i have to hit menu twice and go thru the set up wizard, after all that then all my sats come in, Any ideas what is causing this,
Vip 211k with 500 mypassport hard drive
100.2 dish
yes I did take the a/b switch out, tried a different LNB, the only thing I haven't done is connect it direct to receiver from dish. Yes it is strange I thought maybe its my receiver but I tried to switch with the one in the bedroom which is on a feed from my dome but it did the same thing. I even swapped out the 3 LNB and that didn't do it .........:mad:
I have a clear sky no trees , houses, no obstructions, for the last 2 days it has worked great, go figure, I was watching a program on 129 then switched to a local HD on 119 or 110 and it took a little time for it to come on like it wasn't getting the signal but then it popped on. It just seems like a electronics problem.
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