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I have a weird problem that effects the HR20 I have.

My system has a HR20 and a HR21 connected to a Sony DG910 amp via HDMI which then goes to a Philips LCD 47PFL7432D/37 also via HDMI.

The problem only effects the HR20 and not the HR21 nor any other equipment such as my macbook or PS3.

The issue is that when we switch between the HR21 to the HR20, through the amp, the TV will pop up the picture for about one second then go blank. Sound will continue but the picture is lost. Neither the guide, list nor any directv menus are visible. The TV displays a message stating that the "video resolution is not supported" which is nonsense as this tv will display all standard resolutions.

The problem has been getting worst for the last few weeks. Sometimes simply changing channels to a channel that has a different resolution (ie from 1080 to 720) brings back the video. But this is becoming less certain. If that fails the switching back to the HR21 (which on my universal remote switches off the HR20 and changes inputs on the amp) and then back to the HR20 usually fixes it.

But tonight was the doosey. It took about four switches between systems before the video on the HR20 popped back to life. I decided to reboot the HR20. I tried to play a recorded show and the video went black. I had sound, but something new happened. This time I has the menu, guide, FF/REW bar but no video. When I pressed stop I lost the directv menus, guides etc, the box was just black. But I had sound. Obviously my reboot did not solve it and if anything made it worse.

I was wondering if it was a HDMI issue causing the picture to be lost, perhaps with a corrupted resolution - hence the TV message. But since I also lost the video picture while maintaining serviceable menus, list, FF/REW bar I am now not so sure.

Any ideas?
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