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A recent (bad)experience with D* in the Denver area. I went to check to see whether a Nuggets game was being telecast in HD on channel 96. For some reason my guide (I was viewing via my H20 at this point) no longer showed channel 96. I had watched an HD broadcast on this channel several times in the past (Rockies games, etc.) Direct entry took me to channel 95 or 97. I'm an A-1 customer so I called customer service. After going through the systematic troubleshootiing steps including a reset, a forced activation sequence, etc., the CSR declared that it must be a bad receiver and that I'd need to pay $70 for a service call. At that point I was very definitely not in a good frame of mind. I've experienced many of the same totally unacceptable HR20 DVR issues that other folks have reported on the other receiver in my house and my D* loyalty index is slipping daily. In any event the CSR insisted that the signal was definitely being 'beamed into my house' and that the service call was the only way to go. At that point I said (in effect) 'hold on, cowboy... let me check and see if channel 96 works on my HR20'. As it turned out it did not. The CSR recanted his insistence that I'd have to pay for the service call, which is now scheduled for next week and was unable to offer a theory on the cause. I suspect it's a mis-aligned dish and that it wasn't properly tweaked at installation (about a month and a half ago). I'm curioius if anyone else has encountered this type of loss of activation of a single channel. All the other HD channels in the 70 and 90 series that I pay for are working fine... only channel 96 returns the error message 'channel unavailable'j. Thanks!
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