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Loss of Signal Except Sat 110

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My friend has the original sidecar HD dish and has lost signal on all satellites and transponders except tx 8 and 12 on sat 110 which have readings of 48. His dish worked fine up until this evening. He has an H20 hooked straight to the dish. The coax goes to a flat coax to go around a window which I know is not preferred then goes to his H20. We bypassed the flat run and went straight to the box and no change. We switched b-band converters to one from my working HR21 (at my house, different dish of course). I switched the coax at the dish to a different output from the LNB and still no change. 0s everywhere except as noted above in terms of signal strength. We also hooked up a working R10 and it could not download any guide data. To me this seems like a bad LNB or built-in multiswitch and he needs to get is dish replaced. Is there anything that could be wrong?
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Sounds more like the dish got moved. If your 100% sure that it's properly aligned, then I would suspect the internal multiswitch. Highly unlikely to have 4 of the 5 LNBs fail.
Sounds to me like the dish may now be pointed at the wrong satellite. He need to realign the dish from the beginning.
What is the proper way to align a sidecar dish?
brockley said:
What is the proper way to align a sidecar dish?
Carefully! Those *******s are heavy. :nono2:

They align identically to all of the new slimlines, just use one of the tutorials on aligning those if need be. But just remember, if it's one of the original sidecar dishes, (if your friend had it installed around march of 06) it will weigh close to 60lbs, so be careful with the elevation.
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